Francesca Corra, APLD

I am so happy to introduce this issue of California Landscape Design. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard clients say that they need to keep their lawn for the children to play. I actually don’t need to tell you since most certainly you have all heard this as many times yourselves. Remembering so many fun adventures as a child playing on the school yard tarmac, scampering through the woods at the bottom of the street, collecting pollywogs in newly formed mud puddles, creating “forts” out of leaves raked into the street, I know that children can create adventures on any surface.  

As children, we were free to roam the neighborhood from the minute we started walking. I remember Mrs. Mulligan numerous times returning my sister’s bottle that she would drop in her yard as we ran through to play on the next street. It didn’t matter that every single summer we all managed to contract poison ivy. It never held us back! Those days are sadly long gone. Now almost every yard in California is fenced or walled. It is not safe to play in the street or to roam too far from home. This is why it is more important now than ever to create fun, stimulating, and natural environments for our children. I am excited to see all the brilliant ideas our designers have come up with. This issue is going to be a valuable tool when speaking to clients about spaces for their children.

The APLD Design Conference in Seattle is just around the corner. How exciting that is it completely sold out! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone, and happy to report that over thirty designers from our California chapter will be attending.  

Happy Summer Everyone.