From the Chapter President


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Linda Middleton APLD

How privileged I’ve been to watch the exciting growth of APLD-CA. We’ve streamlined Chapter and District operations, strengthened our branding across the state, and put together 60 innovative and entertaining programs throughout the Chapter in 2017 alone. I cannot understate the behind-the-scenes work done by our member volunteers in achieving these remarkable feats.

In early August, members of the Chapter Executive Committee dedicated a day and a half of their time to a midyear review and to set their sights on 2018. I applaud them and you should too: Ramie Allard; Francesca Corra, APLD; Maureen Decombe; Cathy Edger; Mary Fisher, APLD; and Amelia Lima, APLD.

Send them a quick thank you (or a piece of chocolate). And while you are at it, do the same for your District leaders and all the other members in board positions. You’ll find all of them at under the CONTACT tab.

With this issue we are rolling out a new format for our newsletter. Two incredibly talented members have revamped it, launching it as an online publication as easily viewed on your mobile phone as on your computer. Anne Weinberger and Diane Goldsmith have brought us forward again, marrying functionality with a beautiful presentation. You can view it anytime at, and previous issues are stored under the ARCHIVES tab. Let us know what you think! You can post to our Facebook page, tweet about it and share it with your colleagues.

In closing, I need to share sad news that our organization received this summer.

Paul Herzog

Paul Herzog

Over the years, members of APLD-CA have gotten to know Paul Herzog, and we were very sad to lose him in early July. As coordinator of the Ocean-Friendly Gardens Program, Paul was instrumental in guiding a positive conversation toward making conservation a way of life in California, by helping to define the watershed approach to landscapes, and to build our appreciation for the passion that drives landscape designers to always do better by our planet.

Paul’s clarity and enthusiasm for healing the earth was infectious. He taught us that hard work, passion, a few good connections and, most importantly, a huge smile go a long way in achieving goals. Our voices, vision and values are clear and strong, thanks to you, Paul. We’ll carry on, just like you encouraged us to do; for this we are forever grateful.

As we were wrapping up this edition of the magazine, we received word of the death of our dear friend and colleague, Michelle Bellefeuille. Please read Cathy Edger's remembrance of Michelle. Cathy's words reflect the feelings of all of us in APLD who had the honor to laugh, enjoy a meal, and work beside such a wise and gentle soul.

It is a fitting tribute to dedicate the inaugural issue of California Landscape Design to Paul and Michelle. Their legacies live on through the landscapes they inspired, the landscapes they worked, and the landscapes of our hearts.