Francesca Corra, APLD

Francesca Corra, APLD Photo: Marilee Kuhlmann

Francesca Corra, APLD
Photo: Marilee Kuhlmann

Happy 2018! I would love this to be a great year for all of us, a kinder and gentler year, and my personal goal for us all—the year to “step up your game.”

I encourage you to take full advantage of your APLD membership and all of the opportunities provided by this organization. 

Become a certified member. I did this last year and it was a very satisfying experience. A long-time member offered to mentor me through the process, which I greatly appreciated. Reach out to someone who can help guide you. It will be much less daunting!

Enter the APLD Design Awards. I know positively that you have beautiful gardens that would win. Let’s get more of our California gardens up on the national website!

Fill out your profile at This is a great tool to help clients find you and see photographs of your work, yet many profiles remain only partially complete.

District leaders are planning some awesome programming this year. See what’s going on near you.  Go bigger . . . travel to another district for one of their events. Bigger yet . . . attend the national conference in Toronto. You’ll discover endless opportunities for networking, friendships, learning and inspiration.  

Cheers to a fabulous year!