Unlocking the Secrets of Native Landscaping   
Greg Rubin, California's Own Native Landscape Design        
In this fast-paced seminar, native guru Greg Rubin will touch on all aspects of native landscaping, and how it differs from conventional ornamental horticulture. Learn about: Native mycorrhizal soil ecology; how to capture that ecology in the home landscape; design concepts and styles; plant selection; irrigation design; watering schedules; maintenance; mulches, and pest and weed control.


Enchanting Clients with Pollinator Gardens     
Brandy Williams, Garden Butterfly         
This presentation will provide the landscape professional with information regarding the importance of designing sustainable landscapes that support pollinator health in urban communities. It will explore workable environmentally friendly landscaping practices and techniques that work well in California's coastal communities.


California Natives: Are They Really the Answer?         
Frank Niccoli, Niccoli Horticulture           
Although often billed as a pretty alternative, California natives offer numerous benefits, including reduced water and pesticide use and enhanced fire safety Learn the tips and techniques needed to make the most of the "California lifestyle" look.


The New California Landscape: Another Look at New Plants and Recent Introductions
Nicholas Staddon, Village Nurseries
A unique look at the world of new plants and how they are affecting the residential and commercial landscape. Learn about the importance of using plants that sustain each other.


Holistic Health Care for Your Gardens and Landscapes
Gisele Schoniger, Kellogg Garden Products
The health and vitality of your gardens and landscapes is entirely dependent on the dynamic living organisms in the soil ecosystem. We can no longer sustain a soil that has been depleted and call it good, we need to revive, restore, rebuild and regenerate our soils then work to sustain them. We will discuss organic practices and what the real scoop is with organic vs. synthetic practices as well as hybrid practices.


Integrated Pest Management: Nature Is the Model    
Frank Niccoli, Niccoli Horticulture           
The key to a healthy garden is more than fighting off bugs—it's a coordinated and environmentally friendly approach to deter harmful bugs, weeds, disease-causing pathogens and uninvited critters in a cost-effective manner. Learn how!


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